Compact spectrometer ExemplarPlus

Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave
  • Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave

Reference number: BWT-ExemplarPlus

The Exemplar® Plus is a smart spectrometer with highest requirements for every application. The cooled back-thinned detector impresses with maximum sensitivity and a very high dynamic range.


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High Performance Spectrometer with low stray light and TE Cooled back-thinned Detector

The Exemplar® Plus spectrometer uses an optical bench with a long focal length and a sensitive detector with high quantum efficiency to deliver the best results over the entire wavelength range of 190 - 1100 nm. Due to the high signal-to-noise ratio, the spectrometer is ideal for low-light applications. With the integrated shutter, dark measurements can be done very easily during the process without interrupting the lighting. A
s a member of the Exemplar product line, it features on board data processing and USB 3.0 communication.


  •   On-board processing including averaging, smoothing, and dark compensation
  •   Acquires and transfers more than 140 spectra per second at an integration time of 6.3ms
  •   Supports up to 32 devices with ultra-low trigger delay (95ns) & gate jitter (+/- 20ns)
  •   2048 detector elements
  •   Over 60% QE at 200nm
  •   Configurable cooling temperature (0° default)
  •   Over 80% Peak QE
  •   Built-in shutter