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Reference number: FLK-OFP-100

Fluke Networks OptiFiber® Pro Series-OTDR makes novice and expert certification faster!


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As enterprise networks and data center architectures evolve, IT infrastructure managers are demanding better OTDR technology to maintain fiber network performance. Many optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) used for fiber troubleshooting were developed for telecom operators and therefore contain difficult and complex features that enterprise users do not need. Few ODTRs include the features and deployment capabilities that enterprise network engineers, SAN developers and network builders need. As enterprises consume more storage resources and adopt higher bandwidth (40G, 100G) for data center architectures, the resilience of the cable infrastructure depends on maintenance tools that ensure fiber reliability. OptiFiber Pro is the industry's first OTDR explicitly designed for the unique requirements of an enterprise fiber infrastructure. With a simple taptive user interface and powerful feature set, any OptiFiber Pro user becomes an efficient and professional fiber problem solver or installer.

Unique Features:

  • SmartLoop OTDR provides automated measurement and analysis of two fibers in a single test, eliminating the need to go to the far end of the link to measure from there.
  • The Taptive user interface provides technicians of all skill levels with powerful data analysis and easy setup and operation.
  • Compatible with Linkware™ Live.


  • Powerful ProjX management simplifies OTDR use by multiple users with accurate task assignment for each operator.
  • Easy monitoring of work progress with pass/fail results
  • Built-in Visual Fault Locator (VFL) to aid troubleshooting
  • On-screen report generation and upload to the LinkWare™ application.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to upload results to LinkWare™ Live

Available OptiFiber Pro models:

  • OFP2-100-Q: The QUAD variant for multi- and single-mode Tier 2 OTDR certification.
  • OFP2-100-QI: The QUAD variant for multi- and singlemode Tier 2 OTDR certification including fiber inspection according to IEC 61300-3-35.
  • Different KITS consisting of copper and fiber certification in one package