Fiber Characterisation and ODTR

OTDR analysis software for postprocessing data and generating reports for viewing, editing, analyzing and producing accurate and up-to-date documentation of field-collected test data on fiber optics.


Lead and lag fibers are used to adapt the meter to the target. The use of a launch fiber protects the adapters on the meter and evaluates the start or end events.

The Mini OTDR test platform MTS-2000 is Viavi's smallest modular optical platform. It is specifically designed for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of optical fiber networks in the Enterprise, Metro, FTTX and PON range.

Viavi's SmartOTDR is an affordable and easy-to-use single-mode optical reflectometer in a variety of configuration options.



The OTDR measurement module from Viavi for the expansion of the modular MTS-2000 and MTS-4000 measurement platforms.


Alle Ereignisse werden als einfaches Symbol auf einem linearen Trace dargestellt und ermöglicht somit eine Faserqualifizierung auch ohne Expertenwissen.


The universal OTDR MTS-6000AV2 from Viavi (formerly JDSU) is the evolution of the proven MST6000 and MTS6000A platforms. It now combines both devices in one and can optionally be extended with FiberOptic modules as well as MSAM modules.


The FTTx-OTDR MTS-4000 from Viavi is a portable and modular platform with a large 7 color screen for building, checking and maintaining FTTx networks.


The Optimeter is the ideal tester for technicians with little or no experience installing and repairing customer fiber optic installations.