Measurement Technology


SimpliFiber® Optical Power Meters and Fiber Optic Test Kits contain all the tools needed to test and troubleshoot fiber optic cable systems.

Cable tests you can trust. Network tests you need. Measure network capacity up to 10 Gig via frequency-based measurements with the new LinkIQ from Fluke Networks.


The Fluke Networks DSX-602 delivers the essentials of Cat 6A and Class EA copper certification with test times as fast as 10 seconds and an enhanced user interface.


The high-quality permanent link adapters from Fluke Networks impress with their robustness and deliver standard-compliant measurement results
Quickly determine if a problem is caused by a faulty or disconnected cable, insufficient power supply, or a powered device (PD).


Gold Support is the comprehensive support and maintenance program for Fluke Networks products and accessories. Best-in-class support to reduce business downtime and ensure a higher return on investment.

OCT- und Sensorsysteme erfordern hochleistungsfähige ausgewogenePhotodetektoren, um das Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis des Systems zu verbessern. Die BPD-003 wurde speziell für OEM-Anwendungen in solchen Bereichen entwickelt, die auf niedrige Kosten und geringe Größe sowie hohe Leistung ausgelegt sind.