Custom development
Custom development

The Ariane Group entrusted us with the development of a vision system for aligning the boosters of the Ariane 6 launcher on their pallet. The goal was to guide the operator during descent and position them precisely on the pallet.

By placing two vision systems at 90° to each other on the pallet and two sights on the booster, the operator positions a 165-ton element with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. For this, we developed the mechanical interfaces, the optoelectronic system and the visualization software interface used in the operating area thanks to a customized PC embedded in a flight case.

The Challenge

The required accuracy (0.1 mm) and the large depth of field were the main challenges. In addition, the required documentation and mechanical drawings had to be very detailed, and comply with the very high quality assurance measures and rules set by the customer. The mechanical specifications also had to not exceed the available volume to accommodate the light, camera and lens.

  • Position accuracy 0.1 mm
  • Long depth of field 
  • Complete documentation and drawings based on customer’s demands
  • Compact mechanical integration

The Solution

By using a high-resolution camera and a strong light, we were able to achieve great accuracy and visualize the target of the booster from its highest position to its final position on the booster. By applying agile methods and adapting our solution to the customer feedback, we developed the ideal software tool for this project.

  • High-resolution camera
  • Calibration bench for alignment and 3D measurement for perfect alignment
  • Customized powerful light
  • Integration of a mirror and its mount to reduce the footprint