Measurement & inspection systems
Measurement & inspection systems

The project “WaltR” was about detecting and measuring air pollutant concentrations in real time.

To do this, we first conducted a study of the components available on the market to help our customer select and develop a possible solution. Then, we performed a proof of concept to validate the selection and design the full solution.

Finally, we developed a prototype that includes all the necessary functions, from camera calibration to automatic image acquisition and remote transmission of the results.


The Challenge

The most challenging part was to integrate several components and systems together to provide the needed functionalities. Also due to the application, Air pollutant concentrations measurement based on imaging, the system needed to be be fully calibrated to transform without deviation digital values from a camera sensor to real luminance.


  • Integration of camera, filter wheel, filters, pan-tilt system, rain sensor, vibration sensor and a computer
  • Calibration of the camera and optical path
  • Autonomous software to perform image acquisition automatically

The Solution

By identifying components available on the market and adding the required functions step by step, we designed, built and delivered a complete system within 8 months.


  • Standard optical components as filter wheel, bandpass filters, and CMOS UV camera.
  • Compact system, fully integrated to endure all the year weather and tough conditions.
  • Low maintenance needed due to the standard pieces which have been already qualified.