Polarization Diverse Balanced Photodetector

Polarization Diverse Balanced Photodetector
  • Polarization Diverse Balanced Photodetector

Reference number: GPC-PBPD-001

OCT and sensor systems require high performance balanced photodetectors to increase system signal to noise ratio. Polarization sensitive OCT and similar applications require separate analysis of the two polarization components of a signal. The PBPD-001 is specially designed for use in such systems.


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Polarization Diverse Balanced Photodetector

The device is fully enclosed in a compact, sturdy aluminum box with two optical input ports, a balanced RF output port and two monitor ports for each polarization component, and a power supply port. With a bandwidth up to 200 MHz, a transimpedance gain larger than 30K and a saturation power larger than 130 ?W, the PBPD-001 is ideal for integration into laboratory
or commercial OCT, fiber sensor, and high performance optical measurement systems with polarization dependent detection requirements.


  • Low Noise
  • Excellent CMRR
  • High conversion gain
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Compact


  • Polarization sensitive OCT
  • Fiber optic distributed sensing
  • Polarization resolved sensing
  • Instrumentation
  • R&D