Fiber Phase Shifter

Fiber Phase Shifter
  • Fiber Phase Shifter

Reference number: GPC-FPS-002

GPCs’ 2nd generation all fiber phase shifter/modulator provides phase shifts up to 65π with a much lower half-wave voltage (~2 volts as compared with 10-20 volts for the 1st generation phase shifter) at frequencies from DC to 20 kHz


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Fiber Phase Shifter FPS-002

The all fiber construction results in low insertion loss and back reflection. In addition to fiber sensor systems, this compact device is ideal for fiber laser systems, fiber resonators, and fiber interferometers for precision phase tuning or phase modulation.


  • All-fiber optical path
  • Low half-wave voltage
  • Large phase shift range
  • Compact
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low residual amplitude modulation
  • Low PDL
  • Low cost


  • Fiber interferometers
  • Fiber laser systems
  • Fiber sensor systems