Component Test
Component Test

General Photonics phase shifter produces phase shifts up to 15 pi at modulation frequencies from DC to 20 kHz.

SUX-MAX+ Interferometer

Sumix interferometers are leading the way in quality and ease of use. They show you simply and quickly the quality of polished connectors.

Mit der PPMD Quelle -1000 ist es erstmals möglich, deterministisch und mit hoher Auflösung PMD-Werte erster Ordnung bis 180 ps und zweiter Ordnung bis 8100 ps2 zu erzeugen.

Generating programmable time delay from nanoseconds to milliseconds is important for various applications ranging from data center testing to wireless communications to radar, optical communications, and measurement systems.


PMD and PDL are important considerations in many applications, especially high data-rate communications. With the development of high precision test equipment and tighter-tolerance systems, a need has arisen for extremely precise calibration standards.

InsideView(TM) is an optical coherence domain reflectometer (OCDR- 1000) designed to obtain space-resolved reflection information inside a fiber optical component, such as a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC), for diagnosing quality or design issues.

The Passive Component Test Solution (PCT) consists of a family of modules, software and peripherals for testing insertion loss, return loss, length and polarity of optical test objects.