Component Test

General Photonics phase shifter produces phase shifts up to 15 pi at modulation frequencies from DC to 20 kHz.

Mit der PPMD Quelle -1000 ist es erstmals möglich, deterministisch und mit hoher Auflösung PMD-Werte erster Ordnung bis 180 ps und zweiter Ordnung bis 8100 ps2 zu erzeugen.


PMD and PDL are important considerations in many applications, especially high data-rate communications. With the development of high precision test equipment and tighter-tolerance systems, a need has arisen for extremely precise calibration standards.

InsideView(TM) is an optical coherence domain reflectometer (OCDR- 1000) designed to obtain space-resolved reflection information inside a fiber optical component, such as a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC), for diagnosing quality or design issues.

These standard EDFAs feature high output power, high gain with very low noise, and they can be customized to accommodate a wide range of input signal levels. Customized version are available on request.