IR/UV/RGB Lights

The compact FLIR A50/A70 thermal imaging cameras with Ethernet streaming offer users flexible control options and easy integration into existing systems. The high-resolution thermal images and precise temperature measurement enable effective analysis of thermal features.

The FLIR A50/A70 thermal imaging cameras with Smart Sensor offer integrated analysis and alarm functions for condition monitoring and early fire detection. These compact and robust cameras provide high-resolution thermal images and accurate temperature measurements to help you detect and resolve problems early.

The FLIR A38/A68 are most compact uncooled long-wave infrared cameras, designed for seamless integration into industrial automation and machine vision applications. Discover their key features, applications, and benefits for process control and quality assurance.

The FLIR Axxx™-Series Thermal Image Streaming Cameras empower businesses with advanced thermal imaging capabilities for diverse industrial applications. These cameras offer superior image quality, flexible integration options, and cost-saving features, making them ideal for process control, quality assurance, early fire detection, and remote monitoring.

The FLIR A4/5/700 series of Smart Sensor Cameras empowers industrial operations with next-generation thermal imaging technology. These intelligent cameras seamlessly integrate with existing networks and IIoT infrastructure, offering unparalleled flexibility, advanced analytics, and superior image quality for critical monitoring applications.

The FLIR RS6780 scientific camera offers superior long-range thermal imaging with a unique combination of high-resolution detector, motorized filter wheel, and continuous zoom lens. Designed for challenging R&D applications, the RS6780 delivers exceptional measurement accuracy, advanced triggering options, and multiple software interfaces for streamlined data acquisition and analysis.

Capture high-speed thermal events, perform custom radiometric measurements, and detect defects with the FLIR X8580 MWIR camera. 1280 x 1024 HD resolution, fast frame rates, motorized filter wheel, on-camera recording, and advanced software options.

The FLIR X8580 SLS is a powerful longwave infrared (LWIR) camera designed for scientists and engineers conducting research on high-speed events, thermal analysis, and material properties. This high-definition camera boasts a 1280 × 1024 resolution and high-speed frame rates, enabling researchers to capture crisp thermal imagery of fast-moving phenomena.