Infrared cameras
Infrared cameras

The Xenics Wildcat 640 camera series combines a wide dynamic range, low noise and low dark current InGaAs sensor in a high performance camera.
The compact Xenics Bobcat 320 camera series provides high sensitivity in the short wave infrared, in a size, weight and power optimized package.
The thermally stabilized Xenics Bobcat 640 series ensures constant high image quality in various conditions.
The Xenics Bobcat Gated series with its high sensitivity InGaAs detector has been developed for short integration times in the sub-microsecond range.
The Xenics Xeva 320 series provides a very flexible camera, especially suited for research and development applications.
The Cheetah camera series by Xenics, as world's fastest InGaAs-camera, delivers up to 1700 VGA-Frames per second for demanding applications in high speed.
With line rates of up to 40 kHz, the Xenics Lynx SQ cameras enable fast acquisition for demanding machine vision applications.


The Xenics Gobi camera series provide high accuracy thermography measurements with a sensitivity of down to 50 mK.
The Ceres-T series from Xenics enables high-resolution thermographic measurements with sensitivities of less than 60 mK
The uncooled Xenics Bobcat 320 camera models offer high sensitivity in the short-wave infrared range. The lightweight and compact cameras enable frame rates of 400 Hz and with GigE Vision connectivity they are easy to integrate.


The Acuros eSWIR VGA series from SWIR Vision Systems deliver crisp images in the range from 400 to 2100 nm. The cameras are designated EAR-99 requiring no license for export.


The 1 Megapixel cameras of the Acuros eSWIR series from SWIR Vision Systems deliver high-resolution images in the visible range up to the extended SWIR (400 - 2100 nm) band.