Security and Surveillance
Security and Surveillance
  • Constant monitoring of fiber optics networks using optical network monitoring systems increases network availability and security and drastically reduces repair times (MTTR). This early warning system allows cyberattacks to be recognized in compliance with data protection law.
  • Best protection against cyber-attacks offer wireless and glass-bound transmission systems with encryption functions.
  • Flexible and easy selection of the right fiber enables intelligent fiber management systems.

This page - analysis of signals of transmission technology - is under construction. It provides an overview of systems that convert signals from current transmission networks of service providers or large ENterprise customers into readable Ethernet and direct them in a targeted manner to collectors to filter and analyze the data in real time and stores Metadata for later usage.
The PL-4000M is a modular and cost-effective solution for rolling out multirate 10/25/100GbE, 16/32G FC, OTU2/2e/4 services, or increasing existing network capacity.

PacketLight's PL-4000T is a high capacity transport platform for DCI, metro and long haul applications, delivering up to 4 x 400G wavelengths in a 1U chassis.

PacketLight's PL-2000DC transport platform for the interconnection of data center (DCI), cloud and colocation providers provides transfer rates for up to 2.4T (24x100G) in a 1U enclosure. Built-in encryption with extremely low latency ensures maximum security.
PL-1000TE is an advanced, all-in-one CWDM/DWDM optical transport product supporting up to 8 transponders with flexible mix of industry standard based protocols.

Unfortunately, cyber attacks have become commonplace, so network operators of all kinds must consider all possibilities of cyber defense to protect their networks against hacker attacks. Layer 1 encryption enables the protection of physical fiber through intelligent transmission systems. The PL-1000TE Crypto offers certified integrated encryption / encryption.

Profitap's extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art network TAPs and service troubleshooters provides complete visibility and access to your network around the clock.

Accolade’s line of Advanced NIC FPGA based 1-100GE PCIe adapters and 1U platform enable Intelligent Host CPU Offload features such as 100% packet capture, flow classification, flow shunting, deduplication, packet filtering and more.

NetQuest's I-9xxx sensor family provides a complete signal analysis solution for automatic detection of used wavelengths in fiber optic (WDM) links and subsequent identification of transport protocols in optical signals up to their conversion to Ethernet.


LightPointe’s AireLink wireless bridges set a new benchmark in 60 GHz technology for building-to-building connectivity.