Signal Analysis Systems

Signal Analyse Systeme
  • Signal Analyse Systeme

Reference number: NQC-ACO-

This page - analysis of signals of transmission technology - is under construction. It provides an overview of systems that convert signals from current transmission networks of service providers or large ENterprise customers into readable Ethernet and direct them in a targeted manner to collectors to filter and analyze the data in real time and stores Metadata for later usage.


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The telecommunications surveillance permitted in law enforcement and police law in Germany for the purposes of law enforcement or security or the network operators' need for traffic route optimization are facing ever greater challenges as a result of the use of new transmission technologies.

Coherent signals and proprietary, non-compliant implementations of FEC / modulation / channel bandwidth in the line signals of transmission systems of different network equipment complicate their detection and thus make signal detection almost impossible.

  • We provide network access solutions from NetQuest Corporation that enable automated visibility into coherent networks. Control is provided by intuitive management systems. These allow the targeted transfer of the data of interest (eg all traffic from Frankfurt to London). The transfer to analysis systems takes place via prepared sines in the form of Ethernet or specific standardized wavelengths.

  • We offer collectors of Fidelis Cybersecurity and Accolade Technology which are able to analyze and process signals up to 100GBit / s

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