Signal Management and Monitoring
Signal Management and Monitoring

Profitap's extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art network TAPs and service troubleshooters provides complete visibility and access to your network around the clock.
This page - analysis of signals of transmission technology - is under construction. It provides an overview of systems that convert signals from current transmission networks of service providers or large ENterprise customers into readable Ethernet and direct them in a targeted manner to collectors to filter and analyze the data in real time and stores Metadata for later usage.

Accolade’s line of Advanced NIC FPGA based 1-100GE PCIe adapters and 1U platform enable Intelligent Host CPU Offload features such as 100% packet capture, flow classification, flow shunting, deduplication, packet filtering and more.

NetQuest's I-9xxx sensor family provides a complete signal analysis solution for automatic detection of used wavelengths in fiber optic (WDM) links and subsequent identification of transport protocols in optical signals up to their conversion to Ethernet.