Laser beam shutter up to 20W

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Reference number: LMT-LS-20-24

Air-cooled laser safety shutter for up to 20 W of optical power


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Lasermet's laser beam shutter helps prevent accidental exposure to harmful laser beams

The LS-20 provides extremely high integrity and features a gravity-close blade and force-disconnect proving contacts. When open, it allows the laser beam to pass through without interruption but, when closed, it deflects the incoming laser beam away safely onto an internal beam dump.
The standard version, fitted with a stainless steel blade, can be used for average laser beam powers up to 20W. For use at higher powers up to multi-kilowatt levels, a dielectric mirror is used on the blade and an external beam dump fitted.

When used in combination with any Lasermet Interlock Control System, the shutter LS-20SIL provides a safety interlock which meets Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 to EN61508. This SIL3 rated version of the LS-20 features dual channel shutters with blade position monitoring fed back to the safety control system. This enables fail safe redundancy and detection of any failures resulting in an extremely high integrity safety system.
LS-20 shutters may be operated either manually by the 'open' and 'close' buttons on the shutter case itself or remotely by the Lasermet Remote Switching Station, LS-RS20.

For laser beam power measurements, the beam dump can be removed and the detector head of a laser power meter fitted instead.
The LS-20 is suitable for laser beam diameters up to 15mm. It measures 98 x 65 x 37mm. An anti-rotation slot is provided in the base of the shutter to prevent it from accidentally turning or becoming unscrewed.

*) higher powers are possible if order with mirror blade and use of a beam dump


  • Standard-Blade: Steel (mirror or ceramic on request)
  • Aperture (mm): 16 (Thread for beam lines included)
  • Dimension (mm): 98 x 65 x 37
  • Weight: 400 g
  • 24 VDC (0.1 A max.)
  • Integrated shutter with beam dump and air cooled heat sink.
  • Expected lifetime: 500.000 cycle.