Fiber Gyro Coils (FC series)

Fiber Gyro Coils (FC series)
  • Fiber Gyro Coils (FC series)

Reference number: GPC-FGC

A suite of advanced polarization test instruments specially designed for testing the quality of fiber coils ensures the consistent production of high performance coils. GPCs' PM coils can be wound with different winding patterns such as quadrupole, octupole, or other types to minimize the Shupe effect, which degrades the performance of a fiber gyro under temperature-varying conditions.


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Fiber Gyro Coils (FC series)

Comprehensive data guarantees that the coils received are trouble free, which ultimately reduces troubleshooting, cost, and integration time.
It includes polarization crosstalk vs. distance along the fiber at specified temperatures, with resolution of a few cm; PER, IL, etc.


  • High Performance
  • Fully Specified
  • Low Polarization x-talk (PM)
  • Low Temperature Sensitivity
  • Low Vibration Sensitivity
  • Highly Symmetric
  • Available Frameless or Framed


  • Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)
  • Autonomous vehicles