Manually Variable Optical Delay Line

Manually Variable Optical Delay Line
  • Manually Variable Optical Delay Line

Reference number: GPC-VDL-001

General Photonics Manual Variable Optical Delay Line VDL-001 generates optical delays up to 600 ps (~18 cm).


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Manually Variable Optical Delay Line

General Photonics' manually variable optical delay line provides precision optical path variation of more than 18 cm (600 ps). The compact and rugged design makes the device ideal to be integrated in network equipment and test instrument for precision optical path length or timing alignment. Free space version is available with plug-in pinhole accessories for simple and easy beam alignment.


Operating Wavelength Range: 1260-1650 nm,
Optical Delay Range: 0-330 oder bis 600 ps oder 1.200 ps
Readout Scale Resolution: 0,05 mm (0,17 ps)
Insertion Loss: 1 dB (nominal)
Insertion Loss Variation: ±0,5 dB (max)
Return Loss: 50 dB min
Optical Power Handling: 300 mW min
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 °C


  • Space Efficient
  • Highest delay to length ratio
  • Long delay: more than 600 ps
  • Low insertion loss variation
  • Free space model available
  • Rugged design


  • Passive time division multiplexing
  • TDM bit alignment
  • Fiber interferometers