Customer-specific application tests in our laboratory

Kundenspezifische Applikationsversuche im Labor
  • Kundenspezifische Applikationsversuche im Labor
  • Kundenspezifische Applikationsversuche im Labor

Reference number: L2K-LMB-APP-TST

Customer-specific application experiments with different laser sources in the Wessling laser laboratory.


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Our in-house laser laboratory is equipped with various laser sources, with which we provide the desired application tests conveniently for each customer. Our experts for laser process development establish the setup, adapt necessary optics accordingly and prepare the customer-provided samples.

Within the required specifications we perform parameter-studies, analyze the samples with a digital microscope and elaborate an expedient documentation.

Examples for applications:
- Nuburu's AO-150 with a wavelength of 450 nm is ideal for welding non-ferrous metal foils, especially copper and gold
- For highly accurate micrometer-ablation, the femtosecond pulsed laser DIADEM from Spark-Lasers is ideal
- With the Lumentum CORELIGHT a powerful fiber laser is available for cutting applications
- As a marking and engraving laser, the VGen-QS fiber laser can be used

The test procedure requires material samples from the customer. If available, clamping devices are also very helpful which enable a process-oriented simulation. If a separate holding device is manufactured, it will be manufactured by our precision mechanic after agreement of the final design with the customer.