Technobis Aerospace multichannel FBG interrogator AeroGator

Technobis Aerospace multichannel FBG interrogator AeroGator
  • Technobis Aerospace multichannel FBG interrogator AeroGator

Artikel-Nr.: TNB-AeroGator

Aerospace multichannel FBG interrogator


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Fiber sensing in Aerospace becomes reality with Integrated Photonics

Full solid state, multi-channel, fiber sensing versatility, fitting into a miniature turnkey solution.

The AeroGator demonstrates great versatility, providing channel multiplexing with 8 sensors per fiber, high resolution sensing, high sampling speeds per channel and programmable multiplexing profiles. With its small dimensions, its low weight and low power consumption, the AeroGator is by far the smallest footprint multi-channel FBG interrogator currently available and particular suitable for aerospace applications.

Performance Properties
Number of Optical Channels 6
Sampling Speed 19,2 kHz
Wavelength Range 1515-1585 nm
Wavelength Stability* 5 pm max
Wavelength Repeatability 1 pm | 1 με | 100 mK
Dynamic Range 4.8 nm | 4000 με | 480 K
FBG Sensors per Channel 8
Max Switching Speed  
Optical Connectors  DIN
Validation FBG, FWHM  350 pm
Validation FBG, Reflectivity 90%
FBG, FWHM range 150 - 400 pm
FBG, Reflectivity range** >10%
Data Properties 
Interfaces  USB 2.0 (LEMO connector)
Physical Properties 
Dimensions 99 x 70 x 38 mm
Weight 300 gr
Operating Temperature -20..+55
Storage Temperature -40..+85
Input Voltage*** 12 VDC
Power Consumption* 5 W
Typical Applications 
Typical Application Field Distributed FBG Sensing

* At room temperature

** Firmware adjustable

*** 8...40 VDC supported