Technobis FBG interrogator - Gator

Technobis FBG interrogator - Gator
  • Technobis FBG interrogator - Gator

Artikel-Nr.: TNB-Gator

State-of-the-art basic FBG interrogator for strain sensing.


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Technobis is proud to present the Gator series, the World’s First ASPIC based FBG interrogator modules.

Technobis Fibre Technologies has developed the Next Generation Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) metrology system Gator is based on Integrated Photonics technology. The Gator features specifically designed integrated photonics functionality (patented technology) that forms the basis for all Gator series with the standard specifications as mentioned.
Based on the Gator platform different variations and chipsets are available for different measurement capabilities and application requirements. In addition a multiplexing feature is available in combination with these different measurement capabilitie

Performance Properties
Number of Optical Channels 1
Sampling Speed 19,2 kHz
Wavelength Range 1515-1585 nm
Wavelength Stability* 5 pm max
Wavelength Repeatability  1 pm | 1 με | 100 mK
Dynamic Range 4.8 nm | 4000 με | 480 K
FBG Sensors per Channel 8
Optical Connectors  FC-APC
Validation FBG, FWHM 350 pm
Validation FBG, Reflectivity 90%
FBG, FWHM range  150-400 pm
FBG, Reflectivity range** >10%
Data Properties 
Interfaces  USB 2.0
Physical Properties 
Dimensions 99 x 119 x 35 mm
Weight 310 gr
Operating Temperature -20..+55
Storage Temperature -40..+85
Input Voltage*** 12 VDC
Power Consumption*  5 W
Typical Applications 
Typical Application Field Strain / Temperature Sensing

* At room temperature

** Firmware adjustable gain

*** 8...40 VDC supported