MV Cameras
MV Cameras

Cameras are required to generate the underlying image data for every image processing application. Users can choose between standard surface cameras (monochrome or color), special cameras for UV, IR, or spectroscopic imaging, 3D cameras with laser triangulation, and stereo vision and time of flight (ToF) cameras.

Resonon's complete hyperspectral imaging systems for laboratory and outdoor applications. Hyperstpectral imaging camera, tripod with laptop tray, rotational scanning stage and software are included.

The Resonon airborne system is a turnkey solution, for the analyzation of georegistered hyperspectral data. It includes all necessary hardware and software in one light and stable system which can be mounted on a drone or a manned aircraft.

Resonon's hyperspectral benchtop systems are specifically designed for laboratory use and include all components and software for recording and analyzing hyperspectral data cubes.


The Acuros eSWIR VGA series from SWIR Vision Systems deliver crisp images in the range from 400 to 2100 nm. The cameras are designated EAR-99 requiring no license for export.


The 1 Megapixel cameras of the Acuros eSWIR series from SWIR Vision Systems deliver high-resolution images in the visible range up to the extended SWIR (400 - 2100 nm) band.


The Acuros eSWIR HD series from SWIR Vision Systems deliver highest-resolution images in the range from 400 to 2100 nm.
This new series of SWIR coated objective lenses is especially suited for the high resolution InGaAs-free Acuros cameras by SWIR Vision Systems.


Industrial cameras with common sensor sizes and interfaces such as USB 3.0 and GigE Vision. Compatible with GenICam standard protocol.