Laser beam profile measurements for industrial applications


Reference number: DAT-ILMS

DataRay's ILM system is used for beam profile monitoring of high power lasers consisting of an attenuator for high powers, an imaging lens system and a camera system. The measurement of very small laser beams with diameters of less than micrometers is possible despite often high laser powers.


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Industrial Laser Monitoring System (ILMS)

The ILMS is specially designed for profiling focused, high-power industrial lasers. This system combines reimaging/magnification optics, a polarization preserving beam sampler and a DataRay beam profiler to measure small beam waists which would otherwise damage a traditional profiling system. Magnification of the focused beam allows full pixel-by-pixel 2D measurements of beam spots as small as a few microns.

The system is compatible with most DataRay profilers and supported by the full-featured, highly customizable and user-centric software (included without licensing fees). The software automatically accounts for the magnification of the system, so results do not require post processing or corrections.

System Features

  • Wavelength options from 190 nm to 16 µm

  • Beam waist diameters down to a few µm (depending on the wavelength and general setup)

  • High magnification options available (50X and beyond)

  • Capable of measuring high power beams, up to kW range with implemented PPBS (polarization preserving beam samplers):
    • UV Fused Silica (190 nm 2100 nm)
    • Barium Flouride (0.2 µm 11 µm)
    • Calcium Flouride (0.2 µm 8 µm)
    • Zinc Selenide (0.5 µm 16 µm)

  • Three swappable ND filters for flexible attenuation

  • DataRay beam profiling camera (can easily be removed and used as a stand-alone camera)

  • Optional: integrated power meter - please contact us for more information

Applications and compatibilities

  • Quality control for tightly focused beams, fiber ends, edge couplers, laser diodes and more

  • High power laser cutting and welding systems

  • Ultra-short-pulsed lasers

  • Telecommunications
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