2-16 micron Laser Beam Analyzer

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Reference number: DAT-WinCamD-IRBB

The beam analysis camera WinCamD-IR-BB with integrated microbolometer array enables analyzes on long-wave lasers in the range of 2 μm to 16 μm.


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Laser beam profiler for the MWIR / FIR spectral range

The beam analysis camera WinCamD-IR-BB from DataRay is suitable for beam analysis for wavelengths in the infrared range (2-16 μm). This wide spectral range is made possible by the use of a microbolometer array. Other than usual with infrared cameras, this sensor can be dispensed with an active cooling. An integrated shutter also allows a dynamic correction of the noise and the baseline and an automatic non-uniformity correction (NUC).


  • Sensor type vanadium oxide microbolometer 
  • Wavelength range 2 μm to 16 μm
  • Data rate up to 7.5 Hz
  • Sensor surface 10.9 mm x 8.2 mm
  • Pixel dimensions 17 μm x 17 μm
  • Resolution 640 x 480 pixels

Spezification Detail
Sensor Vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer
Wavelength Broadband MWIR/FIR: 2 to 16 µm
Pixel Count, H x V 307 kilopixels, 640 x 480
Image Area 10,88 x 8,16 mm
Pixel Dimension 17 x 17 µm
Min. Beam (10 Pixel) ~170 µm
Shuttertype Rolling
Max. Full Frame Rate 30 Hz (7,5 for export)
Signal to RMS Noise ≥1000:1
Opt./Elec. dB 30/60
ADC 14-bit
Measurable Sources CW beams, pulsed sources (auto-trigger sync)
Manual Beam Attenuation Provided 1" ND-1 and ND-2 reflective Germanium filters