Laser Safety Windows
Laser Safety Windows

Laser safety windows are mainly used in the industrial sector and are composed of the same materials as laser safety goggles. The filters have been developed especially for the most common laser systems, so they cover a wide range of possible applications. From large-scale viewing windows for laser laboratories, to cabin windows in the laser enclosure, to tailor-made filters for special applications, Laser 2000 offers a standard-conforming and safe solution for every application.

The laser protection glasses and laser protection windows are especially suitable for UV lasers as well as blue and green lasers.
The laser protection windows 190-532 nm made of acrylic, with a daylight transmission of 46 % protect with a filter thickness of 3.2 mm.

Laser Safety Window - Failsafe safety system that enables high powered lasers to be switched off virtually immediately if the laser beam inadvertently strikes the window.

Ce panneau de protection Laser est adapté pour les sources Laser de fortes puissances (multi-kilowatt). Il se compose d'un matériau spécial Laser d?une épaisseur de 50 mm monté dans un cadre en acier enduit de poudre.