CATV Return Path CWDM Coax Laser

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Reference number: AOI-DFB-1xxx-C5-2-A-xx-x-x

Multi-Quantum-Well (MQW) distributed feedback (DFB) laser for analog applications


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The AOI-DFB-1xxx-C5-2-A-xx-x-x-xx is a multi-quantum well (MQW) distributed feedback (DFB) laser for analog applications, especially for CATV return channel.
These lasers offer high output power, wide operating temperature range, high linearity and side-mode rejection.
The hermetically sealed TO-56 packages are a cost-effective design for light sources for intermediate-reach and long-reach applications in analog transmission technology.


  • Advanced Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser Design
  • Low distortion
  • MD2 -50 dBc
  • IMD3 -55 dBc
  • RIN <-145 dB / Hz
  • cost-effective uncooled laser
  • SMSR typ. 40 dB
  • 5.6-mm TO package with SMF pigtail 


  • CATV Backchannel
  • Analog fiber optic transmission technology