CATV 1310 nm DFB Forward-Path BF

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Reference number: AOI-DFB-1310-BF-xx-Ax-xx

DFB laser modules for forward-path CATV applications.


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The DFB-1310-BF-xx-Ax-xx DFB laser modules are designed for forward-path CATV applications. The modules are designed to incorporate high output power while maintaining high linearity.

The devices feature standard pin assignments (compatible with OC-48).

The modules are excellent sources for use in CATV systems incorporating both PAL-D, with 60 channel loading, and NTSC, with up to 77 channels. The combination of high performance and very reasonable price make these modules the most cost-effective CATV transmitter solutions in the industry.


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    Standard OC-48 pin compatibility

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    Negative bias

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    Optimized for PAL-D and NTSC channel counts

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    Output power up to 31 mW

  • Meets GR 468 reliability specifications


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    CATV forward-path

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    1310-nm broadcast and point-to-point applications