beam shutter up to 20 W, 12 VDC

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Reference number: LMT-LS-10-12

Air-cooled safety shutter with a beam trap (beam dump) laser to 20 W optical power.


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The LS- range of laser beam shutters are combined shutters and beam dumps designed to be driven by a safety control system such as the Lasermet ICS-1 laser interlock control system, for use as a means of shutting down the laser beam automatically during unauthorised access, or manually when the beam is not required. They can also be used as stand alone shutters for manual or remote switching of the beam, or are available as OEM components for laser or laser product manufacturers.


  • Gravity fed for fail safe operation
  • Combined shutter and beam dump for added safety
  • High quality engineering design
  • Specially designed for compatability with safety control systems
  • LED shutter status indication (output available for remote indication)
  • Interlocked safety shutdown or manual operation
  • Safety latch prevents accidental beam switch on
  • Remote switching option
  • Low current requirement
  • Also available as OEM product

Aperture: 15 mm
Cooling: Convection
Size: 98 x 64 x 36
Weight: 410 g

The shutter is just for an horizontally beam