Laser shutter LS-200 up to 100 W

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Reference number: LMT-LS-200-24

Air-cooled safety shutter with a beam trap (beam dump) for lasers up to 100 W optical power.


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Laser Shutter LMT-LS-200-24 and LMT-LS-200SIL-24

The laser beam shutters of the LMT-LS-200 series are a combination of a shutter and an integrated beam trap. They are used to automatically or manually turn off the laser beam during unauthorized access if the beam is not needed. The shutters are suitable for use with lasers of 20 W cw power (with a beam diameter of 2 mm) and up to 100 W (with a beam diameter of 10 mm). For higher output power, a mirrored or ceramic shutter and a matching external beam dump can be used.

All LMT-LS-200 series shutters can be used as free-standing shutters for manual or remote beam switching.

When open, the beam passes through a 50mm aperture with a threaded connector for beam guides.

The shutter LMT-LS-200SIL-24 is available as a double version of the LMT-LS-200-24 and thus meets the maximum possible performance level "e" according to the Machinery Directive.


  • Integrated shutter with beam dump

  • Standard blade: steel (mirror or ceramic on request)

  • Aperture (mm): 50 (threaded for beam guides)

  • Dimension (mm): 98 x 114 x 200 (98 x 240 x 200)*

  • Weight: 1.6kg (3.2kg)*

  • 24VDC (0.2A max) (0.4A)*

  • remote switching option

  • LED status indication (available for remote indication output)

  • Connection for external beam trap available

  • Expected lifetime: 500,000 switching cycles

  • Fail safe by gravity operation

Safety Standards of the Laser Shutters:

Performance Level 'c' according to EN ISO 13849-1:2008 (LMT-LS-200-24)*

Performance Level 'e' according to EN ISO 13849-1:2008 (LMT-LS-200SIL-24)*

*When connected to an appropriately classified control system

Permissible irradiance according to EN 60825-4 (when using the steel screen):

Beam area

PEL (T1) 30 000 s

4 mm2

 5 MW/m2


2,5 MW/m2

80 mm2

1,3 MW/m2

1000 mm2

 200 kW/m2

The laser shutter may only be operated in an upright position (horizontal beam).