Laser Shutter LS-20 up to 20 W, SIL3

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Reference number: LMT-LS-20SIL-24

The laser shutter LMT-LS-20SIL-24 is suitable for all kinds of laser.


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Air-cooled safety shutter for lasers up to 20W
(higher powers are possible if order with mirror blade and use of a beam dump)

Fullfills safety standard EN-61508-3 in combination with an interlock control system

Standard-Blade: Steel (mirror or ceramic on request)
Aperture (mm): 16 (Thread for beam lines included)
Dimension (mm): 98 x 65 x 37
Weight: 800 g

24 VDC (0.2 A max.)
Integrated shutter with beam dump and air cooled heat sink.
Expected lifetime: 500.000 cycle.