2D-Scanner for marking applications

2D-Scanner for marking applications
  • 2D-Scanner for marking applications
  • 2D-Scanner for marking applications

Reference number: HAN-Uniscan

The cost-effective UniScan is ideal for laser marking and coding. Non-contact use with various materials is meeting with steadily growing acceptance on the market.


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Almost limitless application possibilities

Laser marking is now one of the most widespread industrial applications. When used with the appropriate scanners, galvanometer motors provide one of the fastest options for laser beam positioning, offering impressive precision and speed.

Compared to conventional marking and labeling methods, non-contact application by means of laser scanners has enjoyed economic recognition in recent years and continues to expand. The variety of applications in connection with metals, plastics, wood, but meanwhile also fruits and vegetables, makes the use of scanners an indispensable tool.

The cost-effective UniScan from Hans Scanner (a company of Hans Laser) is available for various wavelengths and solidly covers the majority of standard applications. For higher requirements, the UltraScan or the ExtraScan should be used.

UniScan 10Features
Wavelengths 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm, 10.6 µm
Input Beam Aperture 10 mm
Beam Displacement (max.) 12.54 mm
Tracking Error 0.2 ms
Repeatability <30 µrad
Offset Drift <30 µrad/K
Gain Drift <110 ppm/K
Long-term drift over8h <0.5 mrad
1 % Full Scale 0.5 ms
10 % Full Scale 1.3
Positioning Speed 9 m/s
Typical Scan Angle ± 12.5°
Gain Error <10 mrad
Zero Offset <10 mrad
Nonlinearity <1 %
Power Requirements ±15VDC, ?3A
Digital-Interface XY2-100
Operating Temperature 25 ±10 °C
Weight 1.9 kg


  • Marking
  • Coding