Degree of Polarization Meter

Degree of Polarization Meter
  • Degree of Polarization Meter

Reference number: GPC-DOP-201

The DOP-201 measures and displays the Degree of Polarization (DOP) of a light source in real time with high accuracy and wide dynamic range.


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Degree of Polarization Meter (DOP-201)

The DOP-201 accurately measures low and high DOP. It is ideal for characterizing the performances of depolarizers and depolarized light sources, such as ASE and SLED sources and the pumps for Raman amplifiers. It can also be used to monitor the OSNR and PMD of optical signals, and to measure the noise figure of optical amplifiers.


  • Rapid measurement
  • DOP is wavelength independent
  • High accuracy
  • Front panel real time display
  • Analog output


  • Depolarizer manufacturing and QC
  • Fiber gyro coil characterization
  • ASE & SLED source characterization
  • Raman amplifier block manufacturing
  • ROADM manufacturing
  • Amplifier noise figure measurement