Polarimeter - PolaDetect™

Polarimeter - PolaDetect™
  • Polarimeter - PolaDetect™

Reference number: GPC-POD-201

The POD-201 is an FPGA powered polarimeter specially designed for high-speed polarization analysis and monitoring. The instrument uses four channels to simultaneously obtain the four Stokes parameters and measure the instantaneous state of polarization (SOP) and degree of polarization (DOP) of an input light beam.


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Polarimeter - PolaDetect™ 

A USB 2.0 interface enables data to be transferred directly to a computer at a rate up to 30 MB/s. Thanks to the high speed FPGA electronics, this polarimeter easily monitors and analyzes fast polarization changes with a sampling rate of up to 4MS/s.

The POD-201 comes with PolaView™ software for real-time graphic display of polarization state either on a Poincaré Sphere window for viewing SOP traces or on an oscilloscope window for monitoring polarization changes over time. 


  • 4 MHz polarization sampling rate
  • Up to 1 MHz analog bandwidth
  • Real time Poincaré Sphere display
  • Continuous measurement
  • External trigger
  • Long term polarization monitoring
  • PER measurement


  • 100G system polarization test
  • SOP/DOP monitoring
  • Polarization analysis
  • Scrambler DOP characterization
  • SOP statistics
  • PM fiber alignment to light sources