Micro Polarization Scrambler

Micro Polarization Scrambler
  • Micro Polarization Scrambler

Reference number: GPC-PSM-003-S

This OEM micro polarization scrambler integrates GPCs all-fiber dynamic polarization control technology with miniature electronic drive/control circuitry into a compact, self-contained device that provides full polarization control functionality while minimizing volume, power consumption, and cost.


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OEM Micro Polarization Scrambler PSM-003-S

Two polarization scrambling options are available: random scrambling at a rate of up to 5 discrete points/s or smooth trace scrambling at a rate of up to 60? rad/s. Scrambling can be disabled with a 5-volt TTL high and enabled with a TTL low. This module is ideal for integration in a PDL measurement instrument or in a sensor system to minimize polarization related measurement uncertainties.


  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost
  • Plug and play

Applications OEM micro polarization scrambler:

  • Minimize polarization related fluctuation in sensor systems
  • Minimize polarization related fluctuation in measurement systems
  • PDL or DOP measurement