Polarization Scrambler Module

Polarization Scrambler Module
  • Polarization Scrambler Module

Reference number: GPC-PCD-003

GPCs' 4-axis Polarization Scrambler Module uses a breakthrough all-fiber technology to effectively randomize polarization states. Depolarizing by polarization scrambling has many important applications:


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Polarization Scrambler Module PCD-003

Scrambling the input polarization can remove measurement uncertainties caused by the polarization sensitivity of the device under test. Performance degradation due to polarization-dependent-gain (PDG) induced in optical amplifiers can be suppressed by scrambling the State of Polarization (SOP).

Features Polarization Scrambler Module:

  • Minimal insertion loss and back reflection
  • Low residual phase and amplitude modulation
  • Low power consumption

Applications Polarization Scrambler Module:

  • PDG (polarization dependent gain) mitigation
  • Polarization sensitivity elimination
  • Facilitating PMD emulation
  • Facilitating PMD compensation
  • Facilitating PDL measurement