Laser Safety Window UV + CO2, polycarbonat

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Reference number: UNV-PW-DZ

The laser protection windows for UV and CO2 made of polycarbonate were specially developed for the most common laser systems.


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Laser Safety Window (UV + CO2)

The laser protection windows enable the observation of processes or work in the laboratory, without having to classify the entire area as a laser area. Depending on the required protection level or window size, you can choose between windows made of glass or plastic. In addition to a large number of standard sizes, customer-specific blanks are also possible.

Optical Density / Wavelengths:

190-315 nm OD5
10.600 nm OD6

Protection Level (EN207:2009):

190-315 nm D LB5 IR LB3
10.600 nm DI LB4

  • Visible light transmission: 90 %
  • Colour: clear
  • Filter Material: Polycarbonate
  • Thickness: 4.0 mm
  • CE