Quick Finder for Laser Adjustment Goggles

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Reference number: L2K-LJQF

Quick-Finder for laser adjustment glasses


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From the following table you can select a required laser adjustment goggle for the most common laser wavelengths and laser powers.
The table is valid for cw lasers only.

If you have a pulsed laser or if you need more extensive selection criteria, you can use our free of charge Laser Safety Goggles finder.

Please note that for determining of the proper protection value the complete optical setup must be taken into account including any lenses, mirrors, reflections, etc.. Therefore, please check with your laser safety officer on site the required protection value.

Laser Adjustment Goggles according to DIN EN 208:

Wavelength in nm CW Power up to 10 mW CW Power up to 100 mW CW Power up to 1 W CW Power up to 10 W
405 NIR-RBA-38 - - -
445 UNV-P1019-562 NIR-ABL-38 - -
473 - - UNV-P1032-562
488 - NIR-AL3-38
514 - UNV-P1019-562
532 UNV-P1019-562 UNV-P1025-5X7 NIR-AG3-38
561 - NIR-ZSA-38 -
589 - UNV-P1031-562 - -
593 UNV-P1018-562 - -
633 NIR-RA2-38 UNV-P1022-5X7 NIR-RA3-38
640 UNV-P1031-562 NIR-RA2-38
655 NIR-RA2-38 UNV-P1022-5X7
660 NIR-RA3-38 -
671 UNV-P1031-562 - -
690 - -

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