Local Laser Safety Enclosure (e.g. for optical tables)

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Reference number: STC-Laserschutzeinhausung

The laser safety enclosures are designed in a way, that for applications with class 4 lasers, the enviroment is properly protected and fullfills the class 1 conditions according to EN 60825-1 and OStrV.


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Modular Laser safety enclosure 

The best way to safeguard a laser enviroment according to EN 60825-1 and OStrV is to enlosuse the whole laser area. A txpical applicastion is the laser material procession (like engraving or marking) where laser powers um to several 100 W are used. But also other applications e.g. metrology sometimes require a complete enclosure. The enclosure can be placed on an optical table (or another solid surface) or can also be realized on a self carrying frame structure.

The laser safety cabins can be equipped with the Interlock Control System ICS-6. Additionally a window can be integrated to monitor all operations in the cabin. The modular concept of the laser protection cabins thus offers a very cost-effective and simple way of living around a laser system while fulfilling the international regulations for laser safety. Outside this laser protection cabin, the area can be designated as laser class 1. This ensures a workflow without disruptions and without additional protection requirements. 

Properties of the laser safety cabin/enclosure:

  • Flexible cabin concept due to modular design
  • Fast installation of the laser protection cabin
  • Variable design
  • Single-shell wall system
  • Material: Alu-profiles 90 x 45 / 45 x 45 mm
  • Side walls and roof made out of laser tested material*
  • Wall segments will be opaquely inserted in the Alu-profiles 
  • Access via swing-doors, sliding doors, gates or flaps
  • Ceiling light (LED modules, 1800 lm, 230 V, 18 W, neutralweiß, 4000 K)
  • Integration for laser safety windows, interlock-controll-systems, warning signs, extraction systems or cable feedthrough possible

Small enclosures will be pre-assembled. For larger ones we can also offer the assembly on side. Furtheremore we offer a final expert inspection (survey) of the installed enclosure reagrdiong laser class 1 according to EN 60825-1.

*Available wall materials:

3 mm aludibond, black: sucessfully tested according to the conditions of EN 12254 for 100 s with a cw-power of 160 W (beam diameter 1 mm, wavelegnth 1030 nm). This corresponds to a protection level of D AB8 (for 1030 nm).

4 mm aludibond, white: sucessfully tested according to the conditions of EN 12254 for 100 s with a cw-power of 160 W (beam diameter 1 mm, wavelegnth 1030 nm). This corresponds to a protection level of D AB8 (for 1030 nm).