SMX-Manta-W+ Fiber Inspection Probe

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Reference number: SUX-SMX-Manta-W+

The SMX Manta-W+ Microscope is used for MPO/MTP and Singel Fiber connectors for field and lab applications


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SMX Manta-W+

SMX-Manta + W + is a hand-held microscope probe designed for testing MTP / MPO and single-fiber connectors, in particular SMA connector. The probe is used for the visual inspection of front surfaces for scratches, defects and impurities as well as for an automatic good / bad statement.

The microscope has an extra wide field of view, which can check multi-fiber connectors in one run. The handy, portable design and high resolution of the SMX-Manta-W + is perfect for use in the lab and in the field.


Large field of view (4.1 x 3 mm)

The probe inspects MTP / MPO connectors with up to 72 fibers in one scan - including the entire face, if necessary, including the guide bore of the ferrule. For single-fiber connectors, check the entire face at once. Different, deviating also standard arrangements are freely configurable.

Large Area

Compact and ergonomic design

Use the probe as a handheld or desktop device.


Detailed, high-resolution images

Accurate testing thanks to a resolution of 1.8 μm and 0.75 μm error size detection - perfect for inspecting multi-fiber and single-fiber connectors.

High Resolution

Changeable attachments

This allows you to examine individual LC, SC, FC, E2000, SMA and multifiber fibers in MTP, MPO in the patch panel or in connector connectors. Extended working distance

Effortless testing of MTP / MPO and other connectors within patch panels.


The SMX Manta Probe works with the SMX-Lightspeed ™ software package that detects, captures, visualizes and analyzes connector defects.