Fluke Networks FiberLert Live Fiberdetector


Reference number: FLK-FIBERLERT-125

The new FiberLert live fiber optic detector from Fluke Networks. Easy-to-use and compact detector for troubleshooting fiber optic links.


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LIVE indication of an active fiber link!

The FiberLert LIVE fiber optic detector protects you and your measurement equipment from damage. In the simplest way, the FiberLert shows you if there is active, invisible laser light on the link when it is connected to a fiber optic link!

The FiberLert is a handy tool for one-handed operation that uses an audible signal and a visible LED to alert the user to nearby infrared light.

Ideal for IT professionals and fiber connectivity service providers responsible for troubleshooting and maintenance or working on fiber equipment and infrastructure, especially when testing equipment is not available.

With the FiberLert you can:

  • quickly detect polarization problems
  • Detect active light on multi- and single-mode links
  • Protect yourself and your employees from eyesight damage
  • Protect your OTDR and OLTS measurement equipment from damage during measurements.

Technical Data:

  • Detects optical power at MM and SM wavelengths from 850 to 1625nm
  • Light and audible signal indicates if optical light is present
  • Non-contact for connectors and patch cords with PC and APC connections
  • Operates with 2x AAA batteries (included)
  • Light detection range from +3dBm to - 30 dBm