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Fiber Optic Collimating Lenses
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Reference number: BWT-BIP2.0

Compact, fiber-coupled Ulbricht Kugle with integrated, long-life 20 W halogen lamp Light source from B&W Tek for the spectral range from 350 nm to > 2600nm.


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Integrating Sphere with Integrated Light Sources 

The BIP2.0 compact, fiber coupled integrating sphere with integrated light source is designed for the measurement of diffuse reflectance when used with a fiber optic spectrometer. It uses “d/8” geometry, which is required for reflectance measurement of diffuse surfaces, especially when spectral reflectance is used for the color measurement of materials.

The BIP2.0 includes a light source housing that contains a long-life 20W Tungsten Halogen lamp which emits over a broad spectrum (UV-Vis-NIR). A remote control port is provided on the rear for versatile remote On/Off modulation, operating current monitoring, and external operating current control. The housing includes a miniature fan and cooling fins that provide thermal stability of the light source, and a slow ramp start is built directly into the source to ensure stability and long-life operation.

The two inch diameter integrating sphere is machined from PTFE which is highly reflective (>97%) over a broad spectral range of 350 to > 2600nm. Two SMA 905 fiber optic connectors are positioned diametrically opposite the sample port to allow the spectrometer to view diffusely illuminated samples at an angle of 8º to normal. A lens inside the SMA905 connector restricts the field of view of the optical fiber to the measurement port. The BIP2.0, when operated with the remaining SMA905 connector open, measures purely diffuse reflectance because the specular light escapes the integrating sphere through the open port. When the remaining SMA905 connector port is plugged with an optional PTFE plug (BIP2.0-P), the BIP2.0 measures both diffuse and specular reflectance.


  • Specular Included / Excluded Diffused Reflectance