Fiber Optic Dip Probe

Fiber Optic Dip Probe
  • Fiber Optic Dip Probe

Reference number: BWT-FDP

Fiber optic dip probes for a spectral range of 190 - 1100 nm.


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Fiber optic dip probe

The FDP fiber optic dip probe is fully immersible, allowing for real-time kinetic data to be collected. The design of a fiber optic dip probe is very similar to that of a reflection probe, though special effort is taken to guarantee that it is liquid tight and inert. The key functional difference is the presence of a cavity which fills with the liquid sample. This cavity reflects light back through the sample and into the collection optical fiber in a setup commonly referred to as a transflectance.

Chemical Resistance:

The material of the probe shaft includes 3 parts.  The tube is made of stainless steel 316L SS, the window for the lens and mirror is made of silica, and the seal material is epoxy.