InGaAs Spectrometer with 3-stage TEC Sol2.6

Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave
  • Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave

Reference number: BWT-Sol2.6

High-performance InGaAs spectrometer with a cooled InGaAs detector and a spectral range of 1550 - 2550 nm


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InGaAs Spectrometer for a spectral range of 1550 – 2550 nm

In applications like process monitoring, quality control and more, InGaAs spectrometers become ever more important. The Sol 2.6 InGaAs spectrometer has a cooled InGaAs detector with 256 pixel. By cooling to -15 ° C, the dark current of the sensor is reduced by ~ 32 times, which reduces the noise by ~ 5.7 times. This enables the spectrometer to operate at longer exposure times and to detect weaker optical signals.


  •   1550nm - 2550nm* spectral range
  •   Built-in autozero (noise level reduction)
  •   Built-in 16-bit digitizer
  •   Low dark noise and high sensitivity
  •   Four sensitivity & dynamic range modes for specific aApplication needs