InGaAs Spectrometer Sol1.7

Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave
  • Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave

Reference number: BWT-Sol1.7

The Sol 1.7 spectrometer offers highest throughput and highest dynamic range thanks to the use of a cooled 512 pixel InGaAs detector.


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InGaAs Spectrometer for a spectral range of 900 – 1700 nm

Especially in the areas of process monitoring, quality control, material identification and much more, InGaAs spectrometers are becoming more and more important. The standard configuration of the Sol 1.7 spectrometer has a detector cooling of -5 ° C and a spectral range of 900 - 1700nm.

The spectral acquisition software allows the choice between high sensitivity and high dynamic range. In addition, we offer the option of adapting the resolution (up to 0.35nm), the detector cooling and the spectral range for the required application.

A redesign of the electronics allows the spectrometer to be operated with a 5VDC power supply, which is particularly popular with OEM users.


  •   900nm - 1700nm spectral range
  •   Resolution as fine as 0.35nm
  •   Built-in 16-bit digitizer
  •   -20oC thermoelectric cooling available
  •   Two Ggin modes for specific application needs
  •   256 & 1024 pixel configurations available