Compact spectrometer QuestX

Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave
  • Compact spectrometer BLUE-Wave

Reference number: BWT-Quest-X

The Quest™ X is a linear CCD array spectrometer optimized for UV and NIR performance. The temperature compensation of the detector greatly reduces the thermal drift. This gives improved stability by decreasing baseline drift and sustaining the dynamic range.


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Compact CCD Array spectrometer

The Quest ™  X contains a linear, temperature stabilized CCD detector. The temperature stabilization reduces thermal drifts and increases reproducibility. With its 2048 pixels, resolutions in the range from 0.5nm to 4.0 nm can be achieved.


  •   UV - NIR (200nm - 1050nm)
  •   > 0.5nm Spectral Resolution
  •   16-bit Digitizer
  •   1ms Minimum Integration Time
  •   >2.0 MHz Readout Speed
  •   Plug-and-play USB 2.0