3 Port Circulator

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Reference number: GPC-CIR

General Photonics’ fiber optic circulators are compact, high-performance light-wave components that separate signals traveling in opposite directions along fibers by transmitting signals from port 1 to port 2 and port 2 to port 3, while blocking signals traveling in the opposite directions.


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The fiber optic circulators feature low insertion loss and high isolation. They are ideal components for add/drop filters, EDFAs, dispersion compensation, bi-directional communication and other applications.

Specifications - 1310/1550nm :

Fiber Type SMF PMF
Bandwidth: +/-20nm +/-30nm
Insertion Loss - typ.: 0,6 dB 0,7dB
Insertion Loss - max.: 0,8 dB 0,9dB
Return Loss: 50dB 55 dB
PDL: < 0,15dB k.A.
PMD: 0,1ps k.A.
Extinction Ratio: k.A. 22dB min.
Isolation: typ. 50 dB, min 40dB

Specifications - 1064nm :

Fiber Type: PMF
Bandwidth: +/-5nm
Insertion Loss - typ.: 1,8dB
Insertion Loss - max.: 2,1dB
Return Loss : 50dB
Extinction Ratio: 20dB min.
Isolation: typ. 30 dB, min 25dB

Same Specifications

Isolation 2-1 und 3-2: 50 dB
Operating Temperature: 0 °C bis 70°
Optical Power Handling: 300 mW
Dimensions: ø 5,5 mm x 60mm (SMF)
ø 5,5 mm x 35mm (PMF)
89x38x16 mm (NoTail)