OPT SciVision SDK

OPT SciVision SDK
  • OPT SciVision SDK

Reference number: OPT-SciVision SDK

SciVision Development Kit; A vision library and tools


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  • Robust: The SDK has been used in numerous sectors each with thousands of different applications over the years.
  • User friendly: User-friendly UI, simple flow chart steps to build an application.
  • Industrial Applications: Lots of controls for industrial applications: 3D Imaging, Calibration Module, SPC (Statistics Process Control, including Cpk, GR&R).
  • Support Multi-programming-Language: C++, C#, VB
  • Highly Integrated: Algorithm programming is not required thus greatly shortens development cycle.
  • Better Performance: GPU acceleration feature improves performance; supports hardware feature such as SSE, TBB.
  • Professional Technical Support: 100+ engineers, Professional technical support available for the entire development cycle of a project.

Function Table

Tool Category




Cameras Capture

Compatible with most cameras, such as GenICam, GigE Vision, USB3 Vision

Image Calibration

Checkerboard calibration, Dot calibration

Image Filter


Manual Threshold, OTSU Threshold, Double Peak Mean Threshold, Valley Floor Minimum Threshold, Fuzzy Set Threshold, Local Adaptive Threshold, Color Image


Image Filter


Gaussian Filter, Median Filter, Mean Filter, Differential Filter, Laplace, Sobel, Roberts, Canny, Prewitt and Custom Filter



Dilate, Erode, Closing, Opening, Hit or Miss, Gradient, Top Hat, Black Hat, Extract Boundary

Image Operation

Arithmetic operations, logical operations, Stitch, Rotate, Mirror, Zoom, Crop Image



Image Location

Find Point

Meet of requirement of First Point, Last Point, Best Point or All of Points

Find Line

Least Squares, RANSAC, Hough Line

Find Circle

Least Squares, Iterative Least-Squares, Hough Circle

Grey Match

Normalized Correlation Match, Normalized Correlation Coefficient Match, Correlation

Match, Normalized correlation matching

Geometric Match

Contour Match, Feature Match


Set Coordinate System

Horizontal Motion,Vertical Motion, Horizontal and Vertical Motion, Horizontal, Vertical and Angular Motion

Caliper Measurement

Measure the distance of two parallel lines

Pitch Measurement

Multiple edge pitch measurements within the specified area to achieve the required pitch, width, and internal

Radius measurement

Radius of Circle, the Major Axis of Ellipse, the Minor Axis of Ellipse

Area Measurement

Area measurement

Geometric Measurement

Point to Point Distance, Point to Line Distance, Point to Contour Distance, Angle

defined by Four Points, Bisector, The Median Line of the Triangle, The Focus of

Polygon, The Area of Polygon, etc.

Brightness Measurement

Minimum brightness, Maximum brightness, Average brightness, Standard Deviation of



Fit Circle, Fit Line, Fit Ellips

Auto focus

Variance, EVA, Difference, Gradient

3D laser line scanning measurement

Using Laser to measure the measured object

Focus 3D measurement

High-precision height or size measurement with 3D focus on small, tiny or perforated


Surface Inspection and Blob Analysis

Blob Analysis

Blob center of gravity, Blob area, Blob aspect, Blob hole number, Blob hole filling

Presence Detection

Presence Detection

Scratch Detection

Scratch Detection

Edge detection

Closed edge, non-closed edge

Contour sequence processing

Segment, Union, Select and Sort Contours


and Recognition


Support to identify Chinese, English, digital, etc




Classify objects with different shapes, colors, or textures

Bar Code

Code39, Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E

Matrix Code

QR Code, PDF417, Data Matrix Code

Input and Output of Hardware

General I/O

I/O Interface

Motion Control Card

Motion Control Card Interface

Ethernet class

Command, Data and Image transmission

Serial Port

Commands and Data Transmission

Graphical Interface

Image and Common Tools

Display Image, Current Mouse Coordinates, Current gray value display, Zoom Image

ROI Toolbar

Points, rectangles, circles, rings and other common ROI




Statistics Interface

Statistics Interface and Statistics Template: SPC, GRR, Cpk etc

3D Graphics

Displays the 3D effect of the image