Spark Lasers ANTARES - Picosecond Laser for Spectroscopy

Femtosecond laser system s-pulse HR
  • Femtosecond laser system s-pulse HR
  • Femtosecond laser system s-pulse HR

Reference number: SPK-Antares

The ANTARES series picosecond lasers deliver high average power with picosecond pulses and high repetition rates in a compact and rugged format.


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The ANTARES series produces high average power with short (<10 ps) pulses at high repetition rates  (40 MHz or 80 MHz) in a compact and robust format. Offering one of the world’s lowest cost of ownership, high precision and easiness of integration, ANTARES is ideally  suited  for  industrial  and scientific applications.




Average power

1 W

5 W

10 W

20 W


1030 nm or 1064 nm

SHG & THG upon request

Pulse duration

<10 ps

Repetition rate

80 MHz

20 or 40 MHz optional


Beam waist diameter

1 mm

Beam pointing

<25 µrad/°C



Warm-up time

<5 min

Power stability

<1% RMS

RMS noise



Linear, >100:1

External Interfaces

High speed external synchronisation (SYNC OUT)

Communication via USB, RS323, TCP/IP

Software interfaces

Intuitive GUI, serial communication protocol

Laser head dimensions & weight

397 x 339 x 131 mm – 13 kg

Laser controller dimensions & weight

19”/3U rack – 7,5 kg

Standard cable lengt

3 m

Power consumption

100 to 240VAC

<400 W


Air cooled


GDD: Group-Dispersion-Pre-Compensation (-90.000 fs²).

SHG (515 nm, 532 nm) & THG (343 nm, 355 nm)

F-SYNC: Fine-tuning PRF-Synchronisation +/- 1 MHz around a fixed central frequency. Can synchronize with any 3rd party master device.

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