Tunable CO-/CO2 Lasers

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Reference number: EDI-PL-Series

The PL series of continuous wave, grating tuned, infrared gas lasers sets the standard for high power, stable sources for a wide variety of applications in molecular spectroscopy.


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PL2-M / PL2-S

The PL2-M is a new, compact version of the previous model PL2. It has been significantly reduced in size without sacrificing any of the performance specifications. The PL2-M has a maximum rated power of 10W and the PL2-S has a maximum rated power of 1W on the strongest lines and more than 60 lines are available. The laser is operated in sealed off mode with initial gas lifetime guarantee of 12 months.


The PL3 laser operates sealed off on low gain CO transitions in the range 5.2μm to 6.0μm under hazard free, near room temperature conditions. It features a UHV sealed, split discharge tube with both the diffraction grating and piezo mounted output coupler within the vacuum envelope for lowest loss operation. As with the PL2-M the PL3 gas is user replenishable. By changing the cavity optics and gas mixture, the PL3 can be converted into a tunable CO2 laser covering the 9μm to 11μm region.


The PL5 is a flowing gas CO2 laser producing single line powers in excess of 50W and operating on more than 80 individual lines. For CW and chopped output operation, the LPS-5 power supply is available. Q-Switched operation of the PL5 can be achieved with the PL5-QS option. Depending on laser operating conditions, pulses of typically 2kW peak power and pulse widths of 200ns are achieved at frequencies up to 1kHz.


The highest power tunable CO2 laser currently available is the model PL6, offering single line power up to 180 W and more than 90 lines across 9μm to 11μm. The flowing gas laser head is a single U-folded design with twin discharge tubes. The laser resonator is passively stabilised with a 5bar invar support frame which is decoupled from the laser base by orthogonal Rose bearings.