IPL Laser Safety Goggle

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Reference number: UNV-IPL

Laser safety goggles according to EN 166 and DIN EN 175 with polycarbonate filter and an average daylight transmission of 2 and 16 %.


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IPL Laser Safety Goggle

Also in cosmetics and dermatology treatments with light receive an ever-growing importance. The dangerous radiation is often underestimated. The protection of patients and users of dangerous radiation has to be the most important aspect and is regulated accordingly by the legislator. With competent control and protection you can stand out from your competitors. Our IPL glasses are available with two different transmission factors. Different frames are available for optimal fit. All IPL glasses are certified according to the applicable DIN standards DIN EN 166 and 175.

Each Frame is with both filters available:

  • Shade 3: Transmission approx. 2 %
  • Shade 5: Transmission approx. 16 %
  • Colour: dark green
  • Filter Material: Polycarbonate

Advantages of the Safety Goggle

  • Eye protection according to DIN standard
  • Optimal attenuation
  • lightness
  • High wearing comfort
  • fashionable design

Frames of the Safety Goggle

  • 546: Wraparound design offers outstanding protection
  • 520: Single optically-controlled polycarbonate lens, for spectacle wearers
  • 5x3: Over mould technology for reduced slip-fit and high comfort


  • DIN EN 166
  • DIN EN 175