Laser adjustment goggle 532/630-640 nm, up to 10 mW

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Reference number: NIR-MLA-xxx

Laser protection glasses according to DIN EN 207 with polycarbonate filter and a daylight transmission of 26%.


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Laser adjustment goggles (532/630-640 nm)

Lasers have found their way into many areas of industry, medicine and research. Accordingly, laser protection is essential for the safe handling of these intensive beam sources of different wavelength, power and radiation mode. The CE certification guarantees compliance with the applicable standards according to international and European optical and laser standards (DIN EN 207 / EN208).

NIR-MLA-xxx (xxx=frame), Laser Safety Goggle according to DIN EN 207, Laser Adjustment Goggle according to DIN EN 208

Filter material: Polycarbonate
Filter color: Grey*
Daylight transmission: 26 %
(*the picture shows one filter color as an example only)

Optical density:
See filter curve in the picture gallery

Protection values:
190-315 D LB7 + IR LB4
>315-400 DIRM LB5
0,01 W 2x10^-6 J 532 RB1
0,01 W 2x10^-6 J 630-<636 RB1
0,1 W 2x10^-5 J 636-640 RB2

Frame -34:

  • Sleek stylish fit
  • Light and comfortable
  • Soft temples
  • Removable lens inserts

Frame -35:

  • Modern style
  • Light and comfortable
  • Adjustable temples

Frame -38:

  • Top and sideshield protection
  • Side window for a wide field of view
  • Soft temples
  • Adjustable temples
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses